Thursday, May 15, 2014

Private Patrol Cars

Some private security patrol guards like to "play police."  Often they work for, manage, or even own small patrol companies.  Private security has a critical role in the defense against crime and terrorism, but security guards need to keep within their role.

One thing companies sometimes do is use patrol vehicles that are not properly marked.  They try and select company names that sound like police or other government agencies.  Sometimes they put a push bar on the front of the car.  Private security vehicles have no reason to push cars out of the road, so a push bumper is a needless expense.

Private security vehicles should have the name of the company, their license number, and phone number on both sides and rear of the vehicle, along with "Private Patrol" or "Private Security" to clarify they are not police.  Private security guards should be proud of the job they do, and not pretend to be something they are not; that's what the SGT Says.

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