Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Under the Table

A guy I know has been working part time under the table for a celebrity escort job.  He has been making over a thousand dollars a day and is paid in cash.  People don't pay a guard $200 per hour because they are without risk. 

Always consider what's the worst that can happen. If you are in a traffic collision, who will pay? How about if you are injured or even permanently disabled? Who pays if you have to shoot someone or make an arrest and have to go to court, or even go to jail?

This type of security work may be very tempting, but it can have a huge down side.  A few years ago several local officers were working security for a celebrity who was murdered in an ambush.  The officers were in big trouble with their agency.  They did not have guard licenses, were not working for a company, and had not reported the jobs to their agency.  Working under the table can bring big trouble, that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

I have worked many Executive Protection details over the years.

My advise would be only work for a company (not "freelance") and never work for a company that only hires you because you're a cop. EP work is very different from law enforcement and requires a different skill set.

Yes, the money is good but if you are hurt or sued or arrested, the money won't matter.

Mike Creek said...

Always consider the worst that can happen and if you can't live with it, don't do it.