Saturday, June 28, 2014

Another Dog Shooting

Police were searching for a missing child.  During the course of the searching an officer when into a backyard.  A dog in the backyard came at the officer and he felt compelled to shoot the dog to death for his own protection.  As is often the case, a dog is protecting his property and an officer is protecting himself and tragedy results.

When checking a backyard for lost children, burglary or other reasons, rattle the gate a bit before you open it up.  Knock on the gate, or otherwise make some noise.  Most dogs will bark or charge the gate in response to the noise.

If you are checking a property, be alert to signs that there is a dog on the property.  Dogie do, dog paths in the dirt along the fence line, dog bowls and dog toys are good indications there is a dog.  If there is a dog, have your pepper spray ready, or your baton to fend off the dog.  Your Taser without the darts is a good tool too.  Just the testing mode is enough to scare away many dogs, without even touching them, they hate that electrical crackling noise; that's what the SGT Says.

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