Sunday, June 8, 2014


This narrative is based on preliminary reports and may not be fully accurate, but it's based on the best information I have available at this time.  Two officers went to lunch on duty, in North Las Vegas.  North Las Vegas was named as the second most boring city in the nation on a recent on line survey.   Two officers eating lunch in one of the most boring cities in the country.  What could be safer?

A man and a woman walked inside the restaurant, a gun free zone, and shot the two officers to death.  The criminals then took the officers weapons and ammo and went next door looking for more victims.  While next door at Walmart the criminals were confronted by an armed citizen who shot one of the criminals.

The criminals returned fire and killed the citizen.  The two criminals then killed themselves with no further injuries.  Sometimes the police can be on scene and still not win the fight.  We must always remember that anything can happen at anytime, even if you work in a boring city; that's what the SGT Says.

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