Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dog Shooting

Police responded to a report of a large Mastiff dog on the loose.  The responding officer claimed it was attacking several women and he shot four times, hitting the dog one time.  The community has raised almost $6,000 to help the pay for the dogs medical care.

This is typical of dog shootings by the police.  The cops claim the dog was attacking and the owners, neighbors and community claim the dog is gentle.  The problem is that dogs are sympathetic characters and police who have to shoot at one are always seen as wrong.  Unless the dog has actually bitten someone, the community has a tendency to side with the dog.

Police need better training to recognize aggressive dog behavior.  They also need to learn the difference between a scared dog who might bite and an aggressive dog who might bite.  Scared dogs will usually not attack unless the are cornered or feel immediately threatened.  Aggressive dogs will actually run out and attack.  This particular incident where four shots were fired at close proximity to a dog and other people, and only one non-fatal hit in the leg happened demonstrates that it's a poor idea to shoot at dogs' that's what the SGT Says.

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