Thursday, June 5, 2014


I carry my .40 caliber Glock duty weapon.  I have two additional magazines on my belt.  I carry a folding Buck utility knife in a .45 ammo pouch behind my pistol holster.  I carry a hand held radio, and an epaulette microphone on my chest.  I have a short can of OC spray, and a small Pelican flashlight on my belt.

I have one pair of handcuffs, I wear them on the front, on my gun side.  I figure it's unlikely I am going to handcuff someone with a gun in my hand.  I wear a key keeper at the back, with the keys tucked into my hip pocket.

On my key ring, I have a large handcuff key, and a traffic signal key, in addition to unit keys.  I carry a second folding knife in my left front pocket, I can open either knife with one hand, either hand.  I also carry a PR24, all plastic, side handle baton.  I also carry a small Surefire flashlight in my pocket.  I have changed around my gear over the years as I have changed what I do, or how I do it; that's what the SGT Says.

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