Friday, June 20, 2014

Hidden Gun

Police arrested a man for smoking meth.  He had a history of violence and weapons violations.  Police officers searched him three times.  They did not find any weapons.  When they got to the station the suspect pulled a .25 auto from his butt cheeks and shot twice at the officers.  One officer returned fire and hit the suspect once in the stomach.

The suspect was combative the whole time.  The suspect said he did not want to return to jail.  He was dangerous and violent.  Yet, three officers searched him three times and the suspect still had a gun.  It was just pure luck that the handcuffed suspect did not actually hit anyone when he fired two rounds before his weapon jammed.

When searching a suspect make sure you search the groin and buttocks area.  Suspects know that officers are reluctant to search those areas and so they often hide weapons and contraband there.  The suspect later confessed to having drugs in his rectum too.  It was a dangerous night for those officers, learn from their example; that's what the SGT Says.

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