Wednesday, June 11, 2014


A decade can go by on the job without you even missing it.  You should consider your career and try to make some headway in remembering what happened.  On my first day, my friend Randy took a photo of me in uniform, next to a patrol car.  That's probably the only photo of me in uniform for ten years or more.

A few years ago, I started carrying a digital camera and taking photos of police work, vehicles, and equipment.  I have been taking photos of my co-workers too, and then sending them to my co-workers by email.

I don't take photos of persons arrested or crime scenes.  I try to take photos of officers doing things, but nothing that might be of an evidential nature.  I don't want my photos to be a bone of contention in any court case.  It can also be appropriate to take copies of police narratives that you write, in keeping with your agency policy, as a personal record of your activities; that's what the SGT Says.

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