Saturday, June 7, 2014

Major Incident

When you have a major incident and you don't get to be directly involved, remember there are many tasks that should be done.  Crime and accidents that require police protection will still continue and so you will have to handle those, perhaps with little or no back up compared to your usual routine.

If everyone else is tied up on the bank robbery gone bad, hostage crisis, and you have to work patrol, it's a good time to remember to stay focused on your work.  Don't hang out watching television at the station, watching the news, trying to find out what else is happening at the incident.

Try to stay available for calls.  Don't do traffic stops unless they are unavoidable.  Try to handle basic calls for service quickly, but completely.  Be sure to stay focused on your work, don't let the incident distract you.  Notify the family that you might have to work overtime to cover the city during the incident.  Major incidents often mean we all have to work more, even if we are not there; that's what the SGT Says.

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