Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mental Health

Decades ago fire departments were responsible for rescuing people from burning buildings and who were trapped in car crashes.  They transported all kinds of people for medical emergencies but they did not treat them.  Generally it was just a grab and run to the hospital.  Sometimes the victim might get some very basic first aid, and sometimes not even that.

Despite getting rescued from their accident or saved from being trapped in a burning car, many victims died before they got to the hospital or arrived too late to be helpful.  Some very smart people looked at the problem and they devised the paramedic program run by the fire department.

It was a logical extension of what the fire department was already doing.  They already responded to the traffic collision or medical emergency to transport the patient.  Rather than rely solely on speedy transportation to save lives, the fire departments realized if they could provide some minimal level of treatment, beyond first aid, but not to the level of a trauma center, they could save many more people.  I think that's what police departments could do with a police mental health paramedic officer program; that's what the SGT Says.

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