Monday, June 16, 2014

Mental Illness

How much police time is wasted on crazy people running naked down the street at three in the morning?  How much police time is spent on talking to someone who says they want to kill themselves?  How much police time is not dealing with criminals as such, but rather dealing with people who have drug abuse or mental health problems?

We all know the answer, a lot of time.  Sometimes it seems like we spend the whole shift dealing with people watching shows that are not on TV and are listening to shows that are not on the radio.  Mental health and drug abuse issues are a huge problem for law enforcement.  Most of us signed up because we wanted to help people but we wanted to help them by catching crooks, not dealing with the insane.

I think there are several solutions to these problems and I have been addressing them the last few days, and I have a new solution I have not heard before that I will share with you.  I think we need to use police resources in a different way and look at mental health problems from a new angle.  I think we need to consider the police mental health paramedic program; that's what the SGT Says.

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