Thursday, June 12, 2014


A woman in California called police and told them she was concerned about her son.  She said she thought he might be suicidal.  Several police responded to his apartment and spoke to him.  He told them it was just a misunderstanding.  He said that he was not suicidal.  Police were told he had posted some videos on YouTube that were disturbing but they did not watch them.  Police said the man was polite and shy, and did not seem suicidal to them, so they left after about ten minutes.

Six weeks later the man stabbed three people to death, shot three more to death and injured a number of others.  Police have been criticized for not watching his videos and not detaining him or searching his apartment.  The man was under the care of a therapist.  The therapist did not contact police to warn them.  He did not commit the man as a danger to himself or others.  There is no real evidence that watching the videos would have lead to the man being confined.

Psychologists and other mental health care professionals say that they cannot with complete accuracy the future behavior of people under their care.  They will tell you that past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior.  This man did not have a history of violence.  It's unreasonable to expect police to predict the behavior of mentally disturbed individuals with any great degree of accuracy; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

The further we as a society pull from God, the closer we get to Satan. No amount of policing or counseling will fix that.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, in every murder is the hand of the devil.

David Lyons said...

Spot on Sarge! The police are the last whipping boy; left holding the bag for what no one else wants to step up and deal with. How did we ever become the strong arm for the mental health industry? And in turn, the fall guys.

Mike Creek said...

24/7 you call, the cops will show up, for almost anything, but we can't be experts in everything.