Tuesday, July 15, 2014



Officers in Indianapolis, Indiana responded to a report of shots fired in an area.  They attempted to contact several men in an alley and were met with gunfire.  The officers returned fire.  The suspect was wounded and one officer was killed.

A shots fired call is one of the most dangerous calls we respond to, you can't be sure it was not firecrackers or cars backfiring or real gunfire.  Since there is often no particular victim or suspect, officers are left to look about hoping to find some kind of evidence of a crime or that it was nothing.

Approaching people in an alley can be very dangerous.  They are often in dark or low light.  They know who they are, and they know who you are, but you don't know them, or what they are doing.  Try to call them out of the alley out to the street if your are reasonably close to the end of the alley.  Use your flashlights away from your body to illuminate them; watch their hands.  Have them face away from you, you are responding to a report of shots fired, so extra precautions are a good idea.  Bring the unit around and use the spotlights, and take down lights and high beams to blind the subjects if possible.  Look for positions of cover, trash cans, telephone poles.  Alleys are dangerous; that's what the SGT Says.

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