Sunday, July 6, 2014

Body Armor

It's hot.  It's tempting to avoid wearing body armor.  In a short period of time you can soak though your tee shirt with sweat on a hot day.  If you wear armor you can get a heat rash on your skin under the armor.

It can be tempting to just avoid that problem by not wearing the armor.  That is a mistake.  Always wear your armor, no matter how hot it is where you are working.  I always have at least two tee shirts and often more on hot days, I return to the locker room and change shirts.  If you can't go back to your station, then find someplace in your beat where you can change clothes.

Hospitals and fire stations are good, safe places to go to change clothes or use the bathrooms.  Other government buildings can be good too, just make sure you don't have to change in a room with the general public.  Put a little powder on your body to help absorb the sweat.  Despite all these precautions you will still be hot and uncomfortable, and that better than being hit with a bullet; that's what the SGT Says.

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