Monday, July 7, 2014

Body Armor

Body armor is very helpful if you get shot in a place that's covered by the armor.  It's also useful for other reasons too.  If you are involved in a traffic collision, the armor can protect you.  It's very good in head on collisions because even a new steering wheel can damage your chest if the car is really moving.

Most body armor is not designed to protect against edged weapons.  Many knives, particularly a dirk or ice pick type with a narrow cross section will penetrate armor.  Still, it will require the suspect to strike the blow harder than normal to achieve a deadly result.  Also a ceramic or metal chest insert will stop a knife blow.  Armor will also provide some protection from slashing cuts, but there is no guarentee.  Still, it's better protection than your shirt.

If someone uses a blunt object to hit you in the armored parts of your body the armor can be very effective.  I have been punched in the chest a couple times over the years and it was nothing with the body armor on me.  Body armor, it's not just for guns; that's what the SGT Says.

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