Thursday, July 10, 2014

Captain Video

Many officers are now wearing cameras on their bodies on duty.  There is so much to think about with these devices.  When will they turn on?  Will you videotape yourself going to the bathroom?  Who is in control of the download and storage of the data?  Will your agency store everything, forever?

What is your policy on when you have to videotape something and what happens if you don't follow that policy?  If you are on a traffic stop do you have to record everything that happens?  What happens in a simple report call of a cold burglary?  Do you record that too?  Can you record the point of entry and other evidence to be attached to the report somehow?

What happens to video that records a major incident or is funny?  Will it be on YouTube ten minutes after you get off work?  So you can be the laughing stock of the Internet, or the target of the suspects friends?  Can you or the general public get a copy of a video?  Video is a brave new world; that's what the SGT Says.

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