Saturday, July 5, 2014

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A California Highway Patrol stopped a woman who was walking on the freeway.  They got into an physical altercation and he was videotaped sitting astride her and punching her about ten times before an off duty officer stopped that they got her handcuffed.

Police do many things every day that look terrible to the general public.  That does not mean they are improper, it just means they look bad.  In our society we seldom see real examples of physical violence, so when we do see it, it is shocking.  Just because an officer does something that "looks bad" does not mean it is bad.  When an adult does not want to go to jail peacefully, it can be very difficult to get them into handcuffs.

The CHP seems to be handling the situation well.  They are making general statements and not drawing conclusions.  They have placed the officer on paid administrative leave while they conduct their investigation.  The woman was held for a mental evaluation and there was no word on any injuries.  Until everyone either willing complies with an officers commands or we have phasers to stun people with, these kinds of incidents will always continue to happen; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

Every once in a while, Police Departments allow reporters, politicians or other civilians to participate in simulated Police duties such as arrests and deadly force encounters. These always end in some variation of the "recruit" saying how scared they were and how helpless they felt. We should do many more of these.

For some reason, the public doesn't trust us to do our jobs better than they could.

If I saw a Doctor cut open a man's chest and spread his ribs, I would assume he knew the best way to repair that man's heart and that he was doing it in the least violent way possible.

Law Enforcement deserves that benefit of the doubt.

Mike Creek said...

Part of the problem is that it looks bad to have to beat someone into handcuffs, even if that is the only way. Activists try to undermine confidence in the authorities and so always try to make the police look bad. Ambulance chasing lawyers are always looking for an easy payout.