Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Code 7

In the last few years at least six officers have been murdered while simply sitting at a table and eating with another officer.  Where do you eat?  Where do you have a cup of coffee?  Where do you meet with another officer?

The safest place to eat is back at the police station.  My agency has a nicely equipped break room with seating for six, which is more officers than we typically field on a shift!  At least one other agency frequents our break room because their jurisdiction overlaps a bit with ours.  We welcome them to our station.

If you can't eat at the station, think about alternate locations.  Perhaps another city building that is not generally open to the public?  How about a hospital lunch room?  If you have to eat at a public location, sit facing the door and find a location in the back, that is not visible from outside the business.  Don't park the patrol car right in front of the door so it is not apparent that a cop is inside.  Stay code yellow even when eating; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

After too many years, whenever I go to any restaurant, I STILL always prefer to sit with my back to the wall...been doing that since the '70s.
(old habits, hmm?)

Good post.

Roll safe out there

Mike Creek said...

I have the wife well trained too, she knows where I like to sit. On one occasion, years ago, a group of gangsters entered a restaurant were we were eating and we left immediately, with food on the table.