Monday, July 28, 2014


Officers responded to a report of a murder suspect having been sighted at a home.  As soon as they arrived, he started shooting at them and hit two of them.  More officers responded and were pinned down.  Additional officers responded with armored vehicles and rescued the pinned officers.  The wounded officers were taken to the hospital.  An armored vehicle crashed into the building, they inserted tear gas and the suspect came out shooting and was shot.

Officers often respond to calls that could be serious, but they act as if everything will be okay.  They pre-judge the call to be nothing important or dangerous prior to arrival.  If you are responding to a report of a dangerous murderer, then act as if a dangerous murderer was actually on site.

Make sure you have enough officers at a staging area away from the actual site were the suspect is supposed to be located.  Then move in together in a coordinated manner, as if you really expect to find a murderer.  Complacency gets officers killed; that's what the SGT Says.

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