Friday, July 25, 2014

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention can be better than catching criminals.  From the standpoint of the citizen do you want to be a victim who has had the criminal caught, or do you want to avoid being victimized in the first place?

There are many things officers can do to prevent crime that we really, seldom do on patrol.  Look for homes with open doors, open windows, and open garage doors.  Open doors are perfect access for burglary, even home invasion or rape.  Encourage people to keep their homes closed up, particularly as night approaches.

Look for signs that people are out of town.  A stack of yellowed newspapers in the driveway, mail hanging out of the mailbox and a horde of pizza flyers stuck in the front door certainly screams that people are away from home.  Encourage people to have papers and mail held and have a neighbor or friend pick up the pizza ads from the front door.  I have found people have left their car doors open for the night, their car keys in the trunk of their cars, and many other invitations to crime.  Get out of the car and knock on the door.  It's an opportunity to prevent a crime and do some good PR for your agency; that's what the SGT Says.

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