Monday, July 14, 2014


A man went into a drug store and pulled a knife on the guard and took his gun.  When the police arrived the man shot and killed one of the responding officers.  Other officers returned fire and killed the suspect.

While I have worked most of my adult life as a private security guard, in addition to being a reserve police officer, I recognize that many security guards are very poorly trained.  Often they lack situational awareness.  In this case the guard allowed his gun to be taken away by a man with a knife. 

Certainly anyone can be taken unawares, but most security guards could certainly use more training.  More training for guards means they are more professional.  More training means the company can charge more for their services.  Police generally are reasonably well trained, now it's time for law enforcement to insure better training for guards; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

Many officers (police and security) simply are not prepared to use deadly force, period. They work day after day with their heads in the clouds, pretending we don't live in a violent world. They risk their lives, the lives of their partners, and the lives of the public by taking a job they have no business in. They are foolish and cowardly and should step down so better qualified and prepared people can take their place.

Mike Creek said...

I have worked with armed guards who said they would never shoot anyone. I recommended another line of work.

ccm2361 said...

When I worked for an armored car company back in the 90's, there was a guy who worked with us who told me (and others) "I couldn't shoot anyone, I would just give them my gun & the money"
it wasn't long before no one would work with him. He eventually quit. Nobody wants a partner they cant count on to pull their bacon out of the fire when things go bad.

I have also seen some pretty worthless security guards (armed & unarmed).

Mike Creek said...

Most guards I have worked with have wanted to do a good job and try hard but are limited by a lack of training, experience, equipment and even legal restrictions on what they are allowed to do at work.