Saturday, July 19, 2014

Public Image

One violent criminal gang threatens the police so their rival criminal gang says they will protect the police? I would rather they pledge to give up their criminal street gang affiliation and lead the straight life instead. 

Certainly they won't follow laws, department policy or rules of evidence or the general safety of the public. This is just one way that sophisticated gangs are using the media to improve their public image. Of course, it is a satire site so that may have some bearing on the article.

During the Vietnam War the Hells Angels motorcycle club asked to go to Vietnam as a group to fight the war.  Of course they were not really sincere, and were simply looking for a way to improve their image.  Some gangs are very aware of the value of public relations and they use social media and other methods to get their message out of the public, often distorting their image as an ongoing criminal enterprise.  Your agency also needs to work with the public in enhance their image; that's what the SGT Says.

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