Thursday, July 24, 2014

Report Writing

When writing a report narrative, make it in chronological order.  Tell the story as it happened to you, as you experienced it.  That makes it easier to write and easier to remember.  When you write the report, sometime it can be helpful to make a rough draft.

Jot down a few thoughts so you can be certain to include them.  I like to write my report narrative on computer so I can edit it later, easily as I put my thoughts together and organize the correctly.  Don't worry about format and spelling at first.  You can always go back and change things as you work on the report.

Include your thoughts that you had at the time of the event.  Include changes to your opinions as events change or as you gain more data.  Be sure to write how far away the suspect was, and describe his body language and how you interpreted it.  The suspect balled his hands into fists, he was five feet away from me and I feared he was going to hit me.  Clear writing about what actually happened can make your cases easier and keep you out of trouble; that's what the SGT Says.

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