Thursday, July 31, 2014


In California we have what we call Reserve Police Officers.  Level 1 Reserves have the same training, undergo the same screening, and have the same authority on duty as Regular full time officers.  Reserve Officers don't always get paid, and when the do get paid, they often earn less than Regular Officers or get paid at the low end of their pay scale.

Reserve Officers provide police services to supplement the Regular staff.  They are not intended to replace Regular Officers.  Reserve Officers typically have a full time regular job outside police work.  Sometimes they are security guards, but often have nothing to do with law enforcement.  They often bring civilian perspectives and skills to police agencies.

Most of the time Reserves work a few hours of patrol each month, sometimes alone, and sometimes partnered with Regular Officers.  In times of special need, such as a scheduled event, like a parade, Reserves can provide substantial additional manpower to aid the Regulars.  In a major emergency, Reserve Officers can be called up to provide help that may not be available from mutual aid agencies, and that know your agency and jurisdiction.  Reserves are a cost effective solution to declining budgets and a good way to expand your manpower; that's what the SGT Says.

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