Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stop Killing Ourselves

An officer was responding to a traffic collision when he ran off the road and his patrol car rolled over several times.  The officer was ejected from the vehicle and was killed.  What does that likely tell us about this incident?

The officer was likely driving too fast for conditions.  He was driving so fast that he lost control and ran off the road.  His car rolled over several times, that tends to indicate that he was driving very fast.  The officer was ejected from the car, that would seem to indicate he was not wearing his seat belt.

No matter how important or dangerous your response is, you have to get there in order to help.  Don't drive too fast for conditions, it's easy to want to arrive sooner, but dropping a few miles per hour won't make a significant difference in how long it will take for you to arrive.  Wear your seat belt.  Never take it off until you have slowed and are just ready to stop and get out.  We have to stop killing ourselves; that's what the SGT Says.

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