Monday, July 21, 2014

Wear Your Armor

It's summer and it's hot.  I wear my armor every day, all shift long if I am in uniform.  I always bring water or Gatorade with me in the car when I am working.  I carry a small cooler in my car so that my beverages can stay cold.

I always bring a change of tee shirt so that when my tee shirt soaks through, I can change into a fresh one.  I don't go more than four hours without changing if I can avoid it.  Sometimes I even wear two at a time to soak up the perspiration.

Body armor is too important not to wear, even when it is very hot.  It can be uncomfortable.  It can be the cause of a heat rash on your body from the dampness and heat.  Still, it's the only thing you can wear to stop a bullet.  It can also help to reduce injury in a traffic collision or even in a fight.  Wear your armor; that's what the SGT Says.

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