Thursday, August 28, 2014

Firearms Safety

I have been a firearms instructor for over 40 years. I have taught people how to shoot automatic weapons and I have taught children younger than 9 years old how to shoot. The Uzi is a difficult weapon to shoot well on full auto and is an advanced weapon, not something to teach to a nine year old girl. 

You could teach a nine year old how to drive a Ford Fusion or a Toyota Camry, but teaching them to drive a Lotus or Ferrari is a poor idea. A single shot bolt action 22 rifle or a six shot revolver with one round in the cylinder would be perfectly appropriate for a young or inexperienced person. 

Only a much older person who has extensive experience or much more training should be shooting an automatic weapon.  As police we need to practice safe firearms handling practices.  We need to make sure our weapons are properly secured around our families.  Firearms safety is an important part of police work; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

This was a terrible idea from the start. Who goes to Vegas with a 9 year old? Who lets a 9 year old (with no experience) shoot a sub machine gun? They have been calling the dead guy an "Instructor" but I would argue the definition does not apply to this person based on his actions. Even with all that, if he had simply held onto the hand guard while the girl shot the gun, this could have been avoided. Saddest part, the innocent girl has to live with the vision of shooting a man in the head.

Mike Creek said...

Well said.