Wednesday, August 20, 2014

High School Shooting

Two high school students were arrested.  They were planning on a shooting at the high school.  They were willing to kill teachers, police, and as many other students as they could.  They also wanted to set off bombs at the school.  While they had no weapons they did identify at least one relative with a gun and were doing on line research into weapons.

These kids made threats and were conducting research to carry out those threats.  Who can say when the time came if they would really have murdered other people?  We can only judge by their words and actions.

The important thing is that the police acted on the information they received and the two students are in custody.  The police get many tips each day about crimes and it can be frustrating to run those tips down time after time and find they had little or no basis in fact.  It is important to approach each new tip with a fresh mind and evaluate each one on it's own merit.  Just as complacency in patrol gets patrol officers killed, complacency as a detective can allow crimes to happen that could be prevented; that's what the SGT Says.

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