Saturday, August 2, 2014

People or Technology

Many agencies are having officers wear cameras on duty.  I have mixed feelings about cameras.  I don't believe they are a fix for all police problems.  I think they will generally document officers doing a great job and will generally get officers off the hook when there is a citizen complaint.

Still, a camera sees only what the camera sees, not what the officer sees.  The camera won't have the exact point of view of the officer, no matter how close.  The camera won't blink, get sweat, debris or blood in it's eye.  It won't suffer from tunnel vision or get scared. 

When cameras see something that is questionable the benefit of the doubt seldom seems to go to the cop.  When camera footage is released to the public, it always seems to be edited to show the cops doing something violent, but not what the suspect did.  With 800,000 police, one of them will do something stupid once in a while, that dumb cop video is the only one that goes viral.  Anytime the video malfunctions, it's always because the cop was hiding something.  I would rather we spent more money on screening, training, and supervising our officer rather than spend tens of millions on a technological fix that probably won't fix much; that's what the SGT Says.

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