Thursday, August 14, 2014


During a recent pursuit the suspect ran a stop sign and killed a family of four in another vehicle.  There are many times every year when innocent people are killed during police pursuits.  Sometimes they are due to suspects intentionally crashing.  Sometimes they are due to the poor driving skills of suspects, civilians or even police.  Sometimes they are because civilians don't seem to know there is a pursuit happening near them.

Police need a method to disable cars that are running away.  I don't think in a free society the police, the government, should have the ability to disable cars due to some software or other method that applies to all cars.  I think the police need a type of weapon that will disable any vehicle that it is employed against.  An electric ray to burn out the electrical system.  A weapon to destroy the tires or knock off a wheel.

We also need a system to notify people there is a pursuit in progress.  Perhaps some method to turn all the traffic signals to red or flashing red, sound the siren over the car radio, even if turned off.  We also need more public awareness so people will be reminded to pull over to the right and stop; that's what the SGT Says.

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