Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back Up

Whenever possible, officers should have a back up officer with them whenever they make contact with a suspect.  Even a minor crime or just a suspicious circumstance can go badly.  In this instance a CHP officer responded to a report of a person walking on the freeway.

There is a video that shows him over her and punching her in the head.  Of course, the video does not have useful audio and does not show the nature of the contact prior to the punching.  I doubt there is a good reason to be hitting the woman that way, but without a back up or video we end up with a he said / she said problem prior to the punching.

If you are backing up an officer who initiates in in appropriate behavior, it is part of your duty to help them return to correct behavior.  In this instance, two officers may have been able to subdue the woman without having to hit her.  Police work is difficult work and two heads are better than one; that's what the SGT Says.

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