Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Forest Search


A criminal ambushed and shot police in Pennsylvania, one was killed.  Now he is on the run from police.  I have no doubt he will be caught, dead or alive, probably dead is my guess.  I suspect he will fail to obey the commands of police and try to fight them and will be killed.   I suspect he will want it that way to avoid the humiliation of being taken to jail and going through a trial.

This suspect has attacked police and has left pipe bombs in the forest.  Pipe bombs that could have been found by cops, children, hikers or anyone.  He does not care for our society and does not care who he injures.

This is a dangerous criminal and I hope that the Pennsylvanian police can capture him without injury to himself or others.  The police need to take as long as it takes to track him down, and that can be expensive in overtime, stress, and disruption to the community.  People like him sometimes take hostages or hold up in someones home.  As long as he is loose the society is in danger; that's what the SGT Says.

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