Friday, September 5, 2014

High School

One method police agencies can use to maintain high visibility and good community relations as well as prevent crime is to assign officers to work local high school sporting events.  The agency I work for always has officers at every high school football game and basketball game.  These games draw several thousand people and officers on foot patrol have an excellent opportunity to talk to people, particularly young people.

High school sporting events are also places were crime can be found from time to time.  Nearly every season we make one or more arrests for various offenses.  We have had a shooting, fights, and significant injuries to players and to spectators during and after the games.  It has been very useful having officers there so that their response time is often essentially immediate.

I work in a good area that generally has little crime.  Still, anything you have hundreds of teenagers together there is a potential for one or two of them to misbehave.  Most offenses are minor, drunk in public, or similar minor that require calling the parents and sending them home rather than jail, most of the time.  We also notify school officials so they can take the proper actions to discipline the students later, rather than make everything a criminal offense; that's what the SGT Says.

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