Friday, September 12, 2014

High School

Another high school shooting plot by two disgruntled high school students.  This time the plot was discovered and police raided their homes and arrested them before anyone could be hurt.  This is the best possible outcome.

In many areas the police do not work well with high school teachers, students or administrators.  Police need to reach out to establish lines of communication with each of those groups.  The time to do that is on a day to day basis.  Stop by the school and chat with the people in the office.  Assign officers to work at the school on a regular basis so they become a fixture at the school.

Attend PTA meetings and high school football games and any other opportunity to be visible.  Officers who work at the school should be there voluntarily.  They should be officers who work well with kids, not everyone does.  So when a report of a potentially illegal incident is made the officers will be there to accept the information and act on it; that's what the SGT Says.

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