Friday, September 19, 2014


ISIS terrorists had a plan in Australia to kidnap a person at random and then behead them on video.  They would release the video in a effort to terrorize people in Australia.  Police received intelligence about the terrorist operation and raided the terrorist locations and arrested fifteen people.

It seem inconceivable that in a modern, western, industrial society like Australia people would become radical Muslims and want to behead their fellow Australians.  It also is difficult to imagine that police would have to deal with people so evil that they would randomly kill someone for their religion.

Your agency needs to see this as a wake up call.  If it can happen in the UK, which it has, and if it can be plotted in Australia, which it has, it can happen in your town too.  If someone gives you a tip that such an incident will happen in Alaska, Alabama, or Arkansas, it's no longer implausible that it could be real.  Radical Islam is everywhere and it willing to murder innocent people to cause terror; that's what the SGT Says.

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