Wednesday, September 17, 2014


A sniper laid in wait near a Pennsylvania State Police Barracks.  He shot and killed one officer and seriously wounded another.  He remains at large at the time I write this.  Anything you do can get you killed, even doing nothing.

The officers that this officer shot likely had no warning and no opportunity to respond.  A high powered rifle at long range can get a couple aimed shots off before anyone can react.  This is a form of murder and terrorism.  It is designed to terrorize the police.

It will not succeed.  The police go out every day knowing that it could be their last.  Knowing that a helicopter crash, a boat sinking, a police car accident can kill them.  Police know that any call can end with their murder.  The police will look for this killer.  He may have gotten away, he may escape and never be found.  But he can never be sure, no matter how much time passes that there may come a day when there is a knock on the door with a policeman there to arrest him on the other side; that's what the SGT Says.

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