Saturday, September 6, 2014


You are on patrol.  You see a minor traffic violation.  You notify dispatch and conduct a traffic stop.  You approach the vehicle.  When you arrive at the drivers door you notice there are four gangsters inside the vehicle.  What do you do?

You have several options. Tell the driver to wait and return to your patrol car, backing up so you can see them.  Wait for sufficient back up to conduct the traffic stop safely.  Tell the driver to never mind, and let him go on his way.  You can't expect to win every encounter.  Tell the driver to give you his drivers license, registration and proof of insurance just like any other traffic stop.  Write him a ticket and send him on his way.

Some of these are better than others.  Dealing with gang members is always potentially dangerous.  Dealing with them alone is even more dangerous.  It's not always worth the danger to write a simple moving violation.  Sometimes it's better to throw the little ones back; that's what the SGT Says.

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