Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Many people wanted police to have cameras in their patrol cars and those are very common with many agencies now.   Today, many people want police to wear cameras on their bodies all the time.  If they become common place what will be next? 

There are many people who don't understand police work.  They think if they have a video recording of what the police are doing, they will understand why the police do everything they do in the field.  This is a false assumption.  Police work requires months, even years of training and then years of experience.

People may watch what he police officer is doing but it does not mean they see what he sees.  The police officer may interpret things differently than the average person because of his experience.  The police officer may be under stress and may miss things that the average person watching a video recording in the comfort of their own living room might see.  Video is not a magic bullet; that's what the SGT Says.

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