Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Body Armor

Armor needs to be waterproof.  Even here in Southern California it does rain once in a while.  Even the sweat of wearing armor on a hot day can penetrate the armor carrier.  I have known officers who have jumped into or fallen into swimming pools and rivers to save people.  Armor should actually function as a flotation device.  Wearing wet armor  has got to make swimming much harder and could contribute to an officer drowning.

Armor should be more modular.  We should have the ability to toss a new set on over the existing armor to provide protection for rifle bullets.  It should be specifically designed to work over existing soft body armor so that we can don it in the event of a SWAT call out or other known threat.

Regular soft body armor should be designed to prevent the penetration of bullets fired from an AK-47.  This round and this rifle are very popular and I think it should be the goal that soft body armor makers should try to reach.  We are now protected against nearly all handguns, but AK-47 rounds are a threat and officers are being killed by them; that's what the SGT Says.

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