Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I read a lot about how police should be wearing cameras. I am only lukewarm to the idea.  They can be good in many circumstances in showing a use of force incident or if an officer was rude to someone.  They can also help to keep a few bad officers from doing bad things.

There are several problems with them, however.  Everyone we contact will be filmed.  Do you want every contact you have with the police to be on video?  Who owns the video and has a right to it?  Do you want the videos to be open source where everyone of them is posted to YouTube overnight?  How many people can say they do their job so perfectly that they could be videotaped, have the tapes shown to the public and withstand that level of critique? 

Certainly we want our police to be excellent, but I am not sure police officers should be subject to that level of Big Brother.  How about doctors, they accidentally kill about 100,000 Americans every year, should they all wear cameras around their necks?  Drivers kill about 40,000 American per year, should every car have a camera mounted on the dashboard?  Then all these videos could be made public for everyone to watch and critique.  I think the public is getting an unreasonable expectation for law enforcement to require everyone to wear a camera all the time; that's what the SGT Says.

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