Friday, October 24, 2014

Dog Attacks

20 or more people are killed by dogs in the USA every year.  A quarter million people, per year, are bitten by dogs in the USA bad enough that they have to go to the emergency room.  Most fatal dog bites are from pit bulls. 

Most police receive little or no training on how to deal with dogs.  Pepper spray and the Taser work well on most dogs, but not all.  Many police vs dog encounters are the result of phone calls to police about dogs that have gotten loose and are threatening people, frequently in areas where animal control is slow to respond.

I have performed many training classes in the past 20 years, on how security guards and police can deal with dogs and not one officer who has attended any of these classes has subsequently shot a dog, to my knowledge.  It is one of several common gaps in police training nationwide; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

I was in one of your "dog" classes about 19 years ago and I have never shot a dog (except to put down a wounded one). I have however, sprayed, kicked, batoned, roped, avoided, and ran from many dogs in the last 20+ years on patrol. I would definitely shoot a dog to avoid a bite or protect someone else from a bite but there are many options besides the gun.

Mike Creek said...

Certainly shooting a dog is a reasonable option, but I think the standard should be similar to, but less than, that of shooting a person.