Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dog Avoidance

If you have to deal with a bad dog, but have a little time to prepare there are several options.  Naturally, the best option is to avoid the problem.  Call Animal Control and let them deal with the dog.  Sometimes you can contact a friend, relative, or neighbor of the owner who can control the dog.

Call your fire department.  A CO2 fire extinguisher will cool down a dog's nose and mouth, and most of them don't like that at all.  Also the cloud of "smoke" from the extinguisher will confuse and scare them, often they will run away.

A stream of water from a hose will scare off most dogs.  A garden hose is usually enough, but a small fire hose is even better.  Maintaining good relations with your fire department is a good idea.  A dry fire extinguisher will work, but you get dry powder everywhere, and that's really a mess.  Try to avoid shooting a dog, it looks bad in the paper; that's what the SGT Says.

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