Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dog Bites

Dog shootings should be rare.  There is little reason to shoot a dog, we have several other weapons that will help us avoid being bitten by dogs.  OC spray will stop almost any dog, only a police dog or similar very high drive dog will be about to fight through the pepper spray.

A baton is a good tool to use against a dog.  I have fought off two Rottweilers at once with my baton.  A good sharp hit to the mouth turned away one of the dogs and the second decided to leave with his buddy.  Dogs will usually bite the nearest thing presented to them, stick out and wave your baton and they will frequently bite that, rather than bite your leg.  The Taser is also a good weapon to use against a dog.  Not the darts, but remove the cartridge and activate the test feature.  The crackle of the electricity will scare away most dogs and a contact tase will also hurt and scare away most dogs. 

Other items like a lawn chair, a thrash can, a trash can lid or other obstacle can prevent a dog getting close enough to bite you.  Most dogs are afraid of the garden hose and if you can turn on the water and spray water at the dog, most will run away.  Anything to create distance will keep you safe from dog bites; that's what the SGT Says.

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