Friday, October 3, 2014

Integreted Use of Force

Who does your training?  What qualifies them to do training?  Can they testify that they have been certified to do training?  Does your own agency certify them or someone else?  Can your trainers demonstrate in court their quailifications?

I think that use of force instructors should know all disciplines that officers may have to employ.  I remember going to arrest control techniques class and the instructor telling us that we should be able to use ACT to subdue anyone with a knife.  Then at Mace class we were told Mace would handle anyone with a knife.  Then were were told the baton was the proper response for a man with a gun.  Finally, the firearms instructors told us to shoot anyone threatening us with a knife.

This is what happens when the various disciplines don't talk to one another and when instructors don't have more than one discipline of their own.  I think all use of force should be trained together.  The real answer is that a man with a knife might be talked down, he might have to be shot, or maybe something in between might work.  A fully integrated use of force training program will solve these problems; that's what the SGT Says.

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