Sunday, October 5, 2014

Major Incident

In a mass casualty event, your first job is to get and coordinate help.  Your next job is to stop the casualty causing event if it is susceptible to a police response.  A bomb explosion might be a terrorist bomb or a simple gas leak.  A terrorist bomb might bring additional bombs, and so a police response to that possibility is needed.  An active shooter needs a police response to stop the shooter.  You need to get help to deal with either these effectively.

Note the nature of the scene and tell dispatch what you need so they can get it for you.  If a tour bus turns over you may have fifty injured people that need transportation to a hospital. You will rescue teams who can extract the injured from the bus, you may need a coroner, and you will need detectives to investigate the incident.

As the first one on the scene one of your most important tasks is to coordinate the activities of those who respond afterwards.  You don't want them to drive into a kill zone from a sniper or into a chemical leak.  Coordinate the response so that you can save more lives than you could by yourself, that's what the SGT Says.

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