Saturday, October 18, 2014

Militarized Cops

One reason that people are concerned that police are being militarized is that the military in the last decade has in many ways become more like police.  In World War Two the rules of engagement were pretty much flatten everything and use as much firepower as necessary to destroy anything that might hide enemy soldiers.  Whole cities were destroyed to get to the enemy with limited regard to civilian casualties.

In the War on Terror, there has been a great move away from the use of that kind of military force.  Cities often contain both friendly civilians and enemy combatants side by side living next door to one another.  Often a specific city will contain mostly friendly people with only a tiny number of enemies.  So rather than kill mostly friendiles, the military have developed police style tactics to minimize the casualites among the civilians.

As a result, people see soldiers conducting road blocks, and participating in raids that are very similar to police tactics used here in the United States to stop drunk driving or to arrest a dangerous felon.  People then conclude that the police are becoming more like the military, when it is actually the military who are becoming more like the police; that's what the SGT Says.

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