Friday, October 31, 2014

Motorcycle Video

Recently a video was posted of a group of motorcyclists riding on the freeway in California.  They are doing wheelies and other dangerous stunts.  They are also taunting a California Highway Patrol officer who is also on a motorcycle.  With odds of six or more to one he did try and get them to stop, but later raced away.

The police investigated the incident and have begun making arrests.  The actions of these bike riders are very dangerous, not only for themselves but for other motorists as well.  When doing these stunts they often slow traffic down.  If one of them lays their bike down, they create a road hazard for other motorists.

I applaud the police for investigating this incident and for making arrests.  Too many foolish outlaws think they can do whatever they want, no matter who they harm or inconvenience and get away with it; so much so that they post videos of their wanton and criminal acts.  They need to go to jail; that's what the SGT Says.

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