Thursday, October 2, 2014


The officer responded to a report of an armed man and ended up shooting an unarmed subject.  What else could the officer have done to control the situation?  As the suspect was walking away the officer could have taken cover behind one of the cars in the parking lot and directed back up officers to intercept and block in the suspect.  

He could have deployed his Taser and shot the suspect in the back with it.  Still, if the suspect did have a gun and he did turn around quickly the officer could have been in a great disadvantage with just his Taser out. 

The officer could have run forward and tackled the suspect, but then he may have been fighting on the ground with an armed man.  The officer provided other verbal commands, such as stop, put you hands up, don't turn around.  When I have a suspect with his hands in his pockets I like him to remove his hands while he is facing away from me, rather than while he is facing towards me.  Situations where you reasonably suspect the subject has a gun, but are not sure are some of the hardest to deal with; that's what the SGT Says.

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