Wednesday, October 8, 2014


There has been a lot in the news recently about officers conducting raids on homes or apartments and finding out they are in the wrong place.  They get the wrong address on the search warrant.  They get confused about which street they are on, or what the actual house address is that they are at when they conduct the raid.

By their nature, raids are rather secretive and clandestine affairs.  They often are done at night or early morning on the assumption the suspect is asleep or not fully alert.  That means the raiding team may not be at their best either. 

It is easy to make mistakes and find yourself in the wrong location, but when doing a raid it is critical that you hit the right location.  Someone on the team should visit the location in the daylight and take photos.  Use Google maps and the street level photos to familiarize yourself with the site.  It is the ultimate in bad planning to get all geared up, and then go to the wrong place.  It can cost your agency millions, it can cost reputations, careers and even the lives of officers and innocent people.  Know where you are going, that's what the SGT Says.

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