Saturday, November 15, 2014

Crooks and Good Guys

If you keep your public happy, they are more likely to trust you.  If your public trust you, they are more likely to support you when you ask for a raise in pay.  If they trust you and something bad or questionable happens they are more likely to either side with your agency or forgive the mistake.

Some officers drive around with a frown on their face and the only time they contact the public is when they respond to a call for service or stop someone to write them a ticket.  Every contact they have is at best professional and neutral or hostile.

Those officers end up disliking people and hating their jobs.  They are not much fun to be around.  Sometimes I think they are likely the ones to be involved in bad police work.  When you see everyone as a threat, rather than as a person, it's easy to react to threats that are not there or overreact to real threats.  Not everyone is a crook, even in the worst neighborhoods; that's what the SGT Says.

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